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#805 : La rentrée de Susan Lewis

Scénario: Joe Sachs Réalisation: Vondie Curtis-Hall


C'est le premier jour de travail de Susan Lewis. Après l'enthousiasme des premiers instants et de la joie de retrouver ses anciens collègues et amis, elle retrouve rapidement le rythme soutenu des urgences. Elle prend en charge une femme admise pour crise cardiaque.
Le Dr Greene doit s’occuper d’un homme écrasé par la voiture de sa fille. tandis que chez lui, Corday doit cohabiter avec sa fille Rachel qui a décidé de venir habiter chez lui.
Benton apprend que son fils a disparu.
Elizabeth quant à elle est l'objet de surveillance de la part du services des infections. Elle a en effet perdu récemment trois patients suites à des infections post-opératoires, et elle est mise sous surveillance. Elle doit en outre se soumettre à plusieurs prélèvements pour déterminer si elle transporte des agents infectieux.
La grand mère de Carter est hospitalisée.


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Start all over again

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La rentrée de Susan Lewis

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Plus de détails

Previously on ER (Elizabeth's voice)


Elizabeth: (Susan's waving at the door of the hospital room) Who's that?

Mark: Susan Lewis. We're supposed to be have lunch.

Elizabeth: You didn't say anything about having a lunch.


Weaver: (to Carter) If you want the chief residency it's yours.


Peter: (on Jackie's machine, she's listening but not picking up, he's in surgery) Jackie, it's Peter, if you're there pick up. (he calls Roger) Hey Roger, it's Peter, I need you to pick up Reese from school.


Investigator: (to Kerry) I found her, it's your mother.


Romano: (to Elizabeth who's leaking breast milk) Is that breast milk? You're contaminated, scrub out.

Elizabeth: (angrily) Okay.


Mark: (to Rachel) What do you want me to do Rachel?

Rachel: You could let me stay here.

Mark: It's a big move.


Susan: (holding a doctors coat up to herself, to Mark) You're not winning me over.

Mark: Signed you up for Tuesday.

Susan: Are you serious.

CUT TO: Scene-the lounge, Kerry's on the phone

Kerry: Yes . . . ah, it's my pager number. Yes. (slowly) Dr. Kerry Weaver. No, it's nothing serious I just have some . . . some personal information for her. Alright thank you. (hangs up)

Susan: (walking in) Oh, good morning.

Kerry: Good morning. You all set?

Susan: Oh, yeah, I forgot how jammed the L could be during rush hour. Is there any chance I could get a locker?

Kerry: Oh sure. Fourth to the right. (it's Chen's) I'll have them take the name off. Welcome back.

Susan: Thanks. (she tries to jiggle it open, she goes out and a surgeon wheels a patient past her)

Surgeon: Hey, watch out. Coming through.

Malik: (walking over) I heard it but I didn't believe it.

Susan: Malik! (he picks her up and twirls her around)

Malik: Oh, we missed you.

Haleh: They actually talked you into coming back and working here?

Susan: Bad idea?

Haleh: I didn't say that.

Yosh: Frank, can you call housekeeping, someone took a dump in Exam 2.

Malik: Hey, Frank, our man crappers back on.

Frank: If I catch him, he'll be pooping in a bag. (Haleh laughs)

Susan: What happened to the board?

Malik and Haleh: Weaver.

Chuny: Hey, Spanky's in curtain three complaining of incontinence. I am not touching him. (she puts a board down in the board holder)

Susan: (picking it up) I'll take him.

Haleh: (swapping boards) I don't think you want him on your first day back. (about new board) Leg injury, curtain one.

Susan: Oh.

Malik: Welcome back, Dr. L.

Susan: Thanks Malik, so what's the story with Spanky?

Haleh: He likes nurses. A lot.

Susan: Oh. (understanding) Oh.

Cleo: Dr. Lewis? Are you Susan Lewis?

Susan: Yes.

Cleo: Cleo Finch I'm the senior on nights this week.

Susan: Nice to meet you.

Cleo: I have a few pass-ons.

Susan: Okay.

Cleo: Curtain 3, worst headache of his life, do a spinal tap if the head CT's negative.

Susan: Okay, no problem.

Peter: (walking up) Well, well, well Dr. Susan Lewis.

Susan: Dr. Benton.

Peter: Just when I thought it was safe to come to the ER.

Susan: I missed you too, Peter.

CUT TO: Scene-the Greene's hectic kitchen, it's breakfast

Elizabeth: (yelling from off screen) Mark, can you get the water? (a kettle's boiling)

Mark: (with a mouthful) Have you seen my vertigo notes? (phone rings)

Rachel: I got it.

Elizabeth: What?

Mark: My vertigo notes, they were right here.

Elizabeth: We have to leave in 10 minutes. (she hands Ella to Mark)

Mark: (toast in mouth) Well I'm ready as soon as I find my notes.

Rachel: (on phone) Hello. Uh huh.

Elizabeth: Where did you last have them?

Mark: Last night.

Rachel: Uh huh. That'll be fun. Uh dad can I go to a party tonight?

Mark: It's a school night.

Elizabeth: Something's burning!

Rachel: Just for dinner. It's Claire's birthday.

Mark: Who's Claire?

Rachel: A girl from school.

Mark: (to Elizabeth) Sorry did you want some cereal?

Elizabeth: No thanks I'll get something later.

Rachel: Dad.

Mark: Uh, can I talk to her mother?

Rachel: Is your mom there?

Elizabeth: Mark! I have an eight o'clock thyroidectomy.

Mark: Hi. This is Mark Greene. Yeah, Rachel's dad, yeah I just was wanting to . . .

Elizabeth: (overlapping) So, uh, how'd you meet Claire?

Rachel: She's my partner in lab class.

Elizabeth: Uh huh, what are you working on?

Mark: (to Rachel) Call me after dinner and I'll come pick you up.

Rachel: Cool. (door bell rings)

Mark: Catherine's early.

Elizabeth: Good. No need to get dressed in the car.

Andrew: (at door) Hi, is Rachel ready?

Mark: Who are you?

Rachel: Dad, this is Andrew, he's giving me a ride to school.

Andrew: Yeah, it's nice to meet you.

Rachel: Oh here are your notes. Dining room table.

Mark: When did this happen?

Rachel: Oh, sorry I forgot. Andrew has a car while his dad's out of town.

Mark: You have a license?

Andrew: Yeah. Well, I got it in June. I've had no accidents.

Mark: We could take you to school.

Rachel: No, no, it's fine, now you guys won't be late for work. (she leaves)

Elizabeth: I guess she's making friends.

CUT TO: Scene-Susan is assessing a patient

Mr. Ashman: I don't like taking my clothes off.

Susan: You'll have to if you want to be examined.

Mr. Ashman: Can't you just listen to my stomach? I think something's like, blown loose. Keeps making these weird noises.

Susan: Maybe you're hungry.

Mr. Ashman: Yeah, and maybe I'm bleeding into my belly. Could it be a complication for my surgery?

Susan: I don't know, my x-ray vision isn't working.

Mr. Ashman: Are you mocking me?

Susan: No.

Mr. Ashman: Cause you sound like you're mocking me.

Susan: No, I'm taking you very seriously which is why I'm going to examine you once you get undressed.

Mr. Ashman: You just want to see me naked.

Susan: I want to examine you.

Mr. Ashman: Yeah, examine me naked. (she closes the curtain to give him privacy and walks over to Mark, he continues yelling through the curtain) Can I get a male doctor in here. A straight one.

Mark: First day at school and you've already made new friends.

Susan: Oh, yeah, I'm a shoe-in for homecoming queen.

Mark: So far so good.

Susan: Oh, yeah, foul abscess, neurotic ranny, (point to behind her) naked boy here and I had to break into Chen's locker.

Mark: D'you steal her stuff?

Susan: Weaver gave it to me. Oh what are you using for maggus these days? Cedecane?

Mark: Good thought. Kerry's immune to it.

Susan: You're enjoying this aren't you?

Mark: Colonel Dixon's magical magid mix. (she gives him a look) Seriously, you paint it on. (Carter comes by with two med students in tow)

Carter: Paramedic's right here, (introducing them) Dr. Greene, Dr. Lewis, two of our attendings.

Mark: Welcome, don't kill anyone. (to Susan) And I'll mix you up a fresh batch.

Carter: (to students) Dr. Lewis is a wealth of medical knowledge but do not ask her where anything is she's just getting reoriented after a five year sabbatical herself.

Student: Five years?

Susan: Post traumatic stress.

Student: What happened?

Carter: You don't want to know. (he hands them clipboards) Fill these out then come find me.

Student: Do you have a pen?

Carter: (hands him one) Come prepared. (to Susan) Want the tour?

Susan: I think I can find my way around again. New group of meds?

Carter: Yeah I get to baby sit 'em too.

Susan: Hey, it's the burden of being chief resident.

Carter: You've heard?

Susan: Yes I have. Oh, (sees Abby) nurse, nurse, nurse! (snaps her fingers)

Abby: You talking to me?

Susan: I'm sorry, I don't know your name.

Carter: Oh, you haven't met Abby yet.

Susan: No.

Carter: Abby Lockhart, Dr. Susan Lewis. Dr. Susan Lewis, Abby Lockhart, uh, Susan used to work here.

Abby: That's the rumor.

Susan: Abby, could you set me up for suturing in Exam three?

Abby: Set you up?

Susan: Open a kit, super a nylon, number seven gloves.

Abby: Oh, it's all in the room. (she leaves)

Paramedic: (wheeling patient in) Over here.

Carter: Hey Mooney, I want you to get started on chest pain over here with Abby, you know the routine. (Carter and Susan walk over to the patient)

Paramedic: Hey Dr. Lewis, I can't believe you're back.

Susan: Oh, thanks, you look great.

Paramedic: You too, I love your hair.

Susan: Thanks, you look great.

Brother: Hey my brother could be dying here. (in room)

Susan: Ready steady lift.

Paramedic: No response to narc.

Brother: We were just talking, that's it, talking.

Susan: Is he taking any medications?

Brother: Not that he's told me about.

Carter: Look of discongigate gaze and cogigate deviations rules out a structural lesion.

Susan: CBC, chem panel, 12 le, tox screen and a head CT.

Haleh: Pulsox is 99.

Brother: Don't let him die.

Carter: No tremors extorities, mild clomis, suggest metabolic sipologigny. (Carter bends his hand back and is snaps back into Susan's head who's listening to his chest, she flinches)

Susan: I'm trying to listen.

Haleh: You want a portable chest?

Susan: Ask Professor Carter.

CUT TO: Scene-A med student and Abby are working on a patient

Mooney: How would you describe your pain?

Mr. Stegman: It hurts.

Mooney: Is it stabbing, tearing, burning?

Mr. Stegman: What's the freaking difference?

Mooney: Okay, I'm going to give you some medicine under your tongue. And open, (Mr. Stegman opens his mouth and the Student sprays something in there, Abby notices) Let me know if it gets better.

Abby: Was that three sprays?

Mooney: Yeah, nitro times three.

Abby: At once?

Mr. Stegman: (something starts beeping) I don't feel so good, what's happening?

Abby: (lowers his head) I'm just going to put your head down for a minute there, Mr. Stegman.

Mr. Stegman: I feel so dizzy.

Mooney: What?

Mr. Stegman: Everything's blurry.

Abby: Okay, you're going to feel a little bit more oxygen flowing through your nose. (she turns a knob, more beeping noises)

Student: How's the pain in your chest?

Mr. Stegman: Worse. Ohhhhh.

Abby: Eighty over sixty.

Mr. Stegman: Is that bad?

Abby: Nope, just a little bit low.

Mr. Stegman: Was that the wrong medicine?

Abby: No, everything's okay, this just happens sometimes, Doctor (checks the med students badge) Mooney is one of our best.

Mooney: I'll go write my note.

Abby: Yeah, you do that.

CUT TO: Scene-Susan and Carter come out of a room where they were examining the comatose guy

Susan: Neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

Carter: It's a differential.

Susan: Where'd you come up with that?

Carter: Photographic memory.

Susan: Uh huh.

Carter: Oh and I delivered a lecture on coma last week.

Susan: (laughing) Ridiculous.

Carter: What?

Susan: Time. Yesterday it seems you couldn't start an IV.

Carter: Oh it was longer than yesterday.

Abby: Carter!

Carter: Yeah.

Abby: That kid Mooney just saw my patient.

Carter: Oh, how'd he do?

Abby: What'd you tell him about nitro?

Carter: The basics, three sprays.

Abby: Three sprays that's right, bam, bam, bam.

Carter: All at once? (she nods) No, no you're supposed to give 'em every five minutes.

Abby: Yeah, I think you left that part out.

Susan: How's his pressure?

Abby: Zero over zero, he's dead. (Susan and carter look at each other alarmed, Abby rolls her eyes) I'm kidding.

Carter: Ha.

Abby: I pulled him through. (hands him a board) Keep a short leash on your students, huh. (she leaves and Haleh pokes her head out the door)

Haleh: All clear.

Carter: (to Susan) I'm gonna go check on this guy. You got this?

Susan: Yeah, I think so.

CUT TO: Scene-Mark's in the ambulance bay, where Tracey brought her dad in who was hit by a car

Mark: Did you see him get hit?

Tracey: No, I went to return the shopping cart and he was lying by the car.

Mark: What you got?

Chuny: Got a weak pulse, shoulder rest.

Mark: What's your dad's name?

Tracey: It's Alan.

Mark: Alan, can you open your eyes? (he groans)

Chuny: GCS is 245.

Tracey: Is he waking up?

Mark: Not just yet.

Chuny: Mark, look at this. (she shows him a big bruise on the man's chest)

Mark: (yelling) We need a backboard.

CUT TO: Scene-Susan's examining the coma guy while construction goes on overhead

Susan: Blood count’s normal, chemistry's okay. (talkin louder over the drilling noises) nothing on his tox screen, all his labs look good.

Brother: Why's he still in a coma?

Susan: (to construction guys, overhead) How much longer up there? (he doesn't reply) Has he ever seen a physiatrist?

Brother: I don't think so. (a light fixture falls from above and they both look up)

Construction man: Sorry. (they go out the door and Mark wheels his guy by on a gurney)

Mark: Whoa, whoa, whoa, coming through.

Susan: (talking loudly) Your brother has signs of phyogenic coma.

Brother: What's that?

Susan: When we try to open his eyelids, they flutter, he responds to a Q-tip in the nose. I don't think it's a real coma.

Brother: What do you mean, he's faking? (drilling stops) What about the shaking and the frothing at the mouth and that kind of stuff?

Susan: I'd like to get a psychiatric consultation.

Brother: Yeah, yeah, that'd be great. He has been under a lot of pressure lately.

Mr. Ashman: Hey, what's taking so long?

Susan: You're still dressed. (to the brother) We'll move him to a quieter room.

Brother: Great.

Mr. Ashman: Don't I get a gown at least, I could catch cold, it's bad enough I'm bleeding out.

Susan: Go back to your bed and the nurse will bring you one.

Brother: How long till the physiatrist gets here?

Susan: I'll let you know.

Mr. Ashman: Can I just talk to my surgeon? British chick, red hair?

Susan: (to construction guy) Will you shut up?!

CUT TO: Scene-Peter's operating on the man that was hit by a car

Malik: Stastolic's up to 100.

Peter: All right, let's roll him. Set up the sonic sound, cross for six. (they roll him onto his side)

Mark: Large abrasions to the back.

Weaver: (to Tracey) Did the car crush him against something?

Tracey: Uh, I didn't see. (Man tries to talk) Daddy!

Mark: Sir, you're in the hospital, do you know what the date is?

Tracey: Daddy, I'm so sorry.

Man: You didn't see me. (Weaver looks up)

Mark: Alan?

Peter: What's he saying?

Daughter: I don't know.

Weaver: Sorry for what?

Mark: Were you in the car?

Daughter: I'm sorry. (she leaves)

Peter: Looks like lilalac.

Weaver: I'll go after her. (she leaves)

Mark: Yeah, let's intubate, atomidate and suck.

CUT TO: Scene-Elizabeth is examining an old woman

Elizabeth: Where were you stationed?

Mrs. Wilson: In Birmingham.

Elizabeth: I have an uncle in Birmingham.

Mrs. Wilson: Does he work in the steel mills?

Elizabeth: The university.

Mrs. Wilson: We handled mail for seven million soldiers, 65 thousand pieces every eight hours.

Elizabeth: My goodness.

Mrs. Wilson: Nothing beats a letter from home.

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Wilson: (in pain) Oooh.

April (her daughter) : What do you think?

Elizabeth: It's a perforation, a small hole in the colon, it's from her dyvaticular disease. I'm afraid you'll need an operation to fix it.

April: Oh is that really necessary, she's so weak?

Elizabeth: It's really the only option.

April: Well can't we wait a few days?

Elizabeth: Then she'd become extremely ill and surgery could be dangerous.

Mrs. Wilson: If I were your mother would you recommend the operation?

Elizabeth: Absolutely.

Mrs. Wilson: Then we'll do it. (Susan walks in)

Susan: Dr. Corday, I have Mr. Ashman he says you repaired his hernia.

Elizabeth: (trying to remember) Chubby, drug seeking hypochondriac?

Susan: I don't know about drug-seeking. Complains of abdominal pain.

Elizabeth: What's his exam like.

Susan: Didn't do one.

Elizabeth: The why are you talking to me?

Susan: Some surgeons like to treat their patients primarily.

Elizabeth: Not this one.

Susan: Well, he's going to say he's tender, you'll be seeing him eventually.

Elizabeth: Maybe, maybe not.

Susan: Oh, I'm pretty certain. (out in the hall) Abby, Malik!

Malik: (to Abby, re: big machine) Who gets the vent?

Abby: Curtain 3. (to Susan) I have to start a dopamean drip.

Susan: Curtain 2 abdominal pain is still fully clothed.

Abby: Okay.

Susan: He needs a gown don't you think?

Abby: Sure. (she hands her one from a nearby shelf)

Coma guy: Stop! Oooooh! Somebody!

Susan: Hey! (she goes into a room and sees coma guy's apparent brother hitting him with a golf club) Mr. Norman! Stop it! Security!

Brother: This is a message that he wants his money back. You pay up by Monday or this time it'll be your head, you understand? (he leaves and throws the gold club in the corner)

Susan: I need a nurse in here. Oh my God. Are you alright?

Coma Guy: He broke my legs.

Susan: He's not your brother?

CUT TO: Scene-Weaver is talking to Tracey

Weaver: Would you like me to call your mom?

Tracey: No, no, it's just us. God, we were having such a great day, too. He took me out to lunch cause I got into law school.

Weaver: Early acceptance? (she nods)

Tracey: He even, he ever, laminated a copy of the letter to his toolbox. (looks into the room) Well, what is that? What are they doing?

Weaver: They're just taking X-rays.

Tracey: Well, is something broken?

Weaver: He may have a crushed pelvis.

Tracey: Is that really bad?

Weaver: Possibly, he might need surgery.

Tracey: God.

Weaver: He had to have been run over, or pinned against something.

Tracey: It was a wall.

Weaver: What?

Tracey: Look, I, I thought I was in reverse, it was such a tight space, he was waiting for me to back out. (Weaver looks shocked) I thought I was in reverse. (Weaver stays silent)

CUT TO: Commercial Break


Scene-Abby and Carter are working at the admittance desk

Abby: Mr. Stegman’s tryesman is positive.

Carter: Sent Mooney to the library.

Abby: Good call. Sentipal on Martin.

Carter: That's Susan's patient. (correcting himself) Dr. Lewis.

Abby: She always been so high maintenance?

Carter: She's not high maintenance. She's very-

Susan: Abby. Could you get a rectal temp in room 4?

Abby: Anything else?

Susan: That should do it.

Carter: Hey, I heard about your hit man.

Susan: Oh, more like an enforcer.

Carter: Well, never a dull moment.

Susan: I could use a dull moment.

Carter: (holding two charts behind his back) Okay, pick a chart, any chart.

Susan: This is a setup.

Carter: No, just go ahead, pick. (she pats his left arm) Are you sure?

Susan: No. (she pats his right arm and he gives her a chart, they both look at them) Female abdominal pain. What'd you get?

Carter: Suture removal.

Susan: This is defiantly a set-up.

Carter: Of the rectum.

Susan: Maybe not. (Elizabeth comes up)

Elizabeth: Alright, where is he?

Susan: Who?

Elizabeth: Mr. Ashman, I assume. You paged me for a consult.

Susan: Curtain 2. Epigastro tenderness on exam.

Elizabeth: As predicted.

Susan: (smiling) I have the touch. Better hurry before he finds his clothes.

Frank: Dr. Corday, there's a code in the ICU, one of your patients.

Elizabeth: (re: clothes) You'll have to keep them hidden. (hands chart back, Susan goes into another room, where a teenager-young woman is sitting)

Susan: Amal?

Amal: Yes.

Susan: Hi, I'm Dr. Lewis, how long have you had your stomach trouble?

Amal: Since yesterday. How long is this going to take?

Susan: Well, I don't know, it depends on what's wrong.

Amal: Well, I need to be home in two hours, no matter what.

CUT TO: Scene-A police man is interviewing Tracey

Malik: Pressure's good. 110 over 60. (Daughter runs up to her father)

Peter: Can you get another saline seral up to the last two O-neg.

Tracey: Is he going to be okay?

Mark: He's responding to blood transfusions but he needs surgery.

Peter: Hold the elevator.

Tracey: Oh, can I go up with him?

Mark: Malik, can you take her to the surgical waiting room.

Malik: (to Tracey) Why don't you wait right here and I'll come back and get you.

Policeman: Dr. Greene?

Mark: Doing one shot of IVP.

Peter: We'll do it upstairs.

Mark: It's two class for D.

Peter: Got it. (Peter, Malik and the father go into the elevator)

Policeman: Dr. Greene? (Mark goes over to him)

Mark: Yep?

Policeman: Did you get a BAL on the daughter?

Mark: What?

Policeman: I smelt alcohol on her breath. A DUI with bodily injuries is a felony.

Mark: She wasn't driving.

Policeman: Now she says she was.

Weaver: (coming up) Did you get the CT? Radiology's waiting.

Mark: Peter went straight to the OR.

Policeman: She's changing her story, it's an omission of guilt.

Mark: Kerry, did you smell alcohol on the daughter?

Weaver: Uh, I don't know, maybe.

Mark: Ok, is she in custody? Are you arresting her?

Policeman: It would be right.

Mark: Give her a break, he father's in critical condition.

Policeman: Because she hit him with a car while under the influence.

Mark: Doesn't seem drunk to me.

Policeman: You know what? Forget it. I was asking for a favor when a called a flobotanist for the situation. (tries to leave, Weaver stops him)

Weaver: Hold on, you'll get your draw, just wait till the dad's out of surgery.

Policeman: How long will that be?

Weaver: A couple of hours.

Policeman: My sergeant wants me to be back on the streets. I can't stay here and baby sit.

Weaver: Well come back, she's not going anywhere.

CUT TO: Scene-Susan is examining Amal

Susan: Take your time and think it over.

Amal: No, you don't understand. I have to have an abortion.

Susan: You have other options, you know?

Amal: No, not for me. My parents are so strict, they'll kill me.

Susan: Everybody thinks that.

Amal: No, it's different for us. I have to be a virgin on my wedding day.

Susan: I think if you'd give them a chance.

Amal: No. If they find out that I had sex I'm no longer their daughter. They'll send me away out of the country and I don't want to live there, I can't.

Susan: Hmmm.

Amal: What?

Susan: Do you know what an ectopic pregnancy is?

Amal: A miscarriage?

Susan: Not exactly. It's where the fetus grows in the phillopian tube.

Amal: So then I have to have an abortion?

Susan: It's more complicated than that. You'll need surgery.

Amal: An operation?

Susan: Right now.

Amal: Well, how long does it take?

Susan: You leave the hospital by tomorrow.

Amal: No, I have to be home for dinner in an hour.

Susan: If you don't have it immediately it could rupture and you'll bleed to death.

Amal: Then I'll come back Saturday.

Susan: You might not make it to Saturday.

Amal: I don't care.

Yosh: (popping head in) I need a doctor in Trauma 1, right now.

Susan: You know what? Well figure something out. Pregnancies confidential we don't have to tell your parents.

Yosh: Dr. Lewis stat is epileptic.

Susan: (to Amal) Ok you stay right there. I'll be right back. Ok, Amal? Amal, okay? (she nods)  (in the hallway)

Yosh: Paramedics gave four of adamen but she's still seizing.

Susan: How's the airway?

Yosh: Pulsox is borderline you may have to tube her. (in Trauma 1)

Luka: Give her another two of abdomen.

Susan: (to Luka) Oh, you got this one?

Luka: Who are you?

Susan: Susan Lewis, it's my first day.

Luka: Oh, resident?

Susan: Attending.

Yosh: Tachea's at 130. (a woman's having seizures)

Luka: We'll do it together.

Susan: Ok.

Luka: How long has she been seizing?

Paramedic: We got the call 20 minutes ago.

Susan: Any history?

Paramedic: Husband only speaks Spanish.

Luka: Ok, let's prep a gram of dylazen.

Luka and Susan: We should intubate.

Luka: Go ahead.

Susan: We're 70 of zephyron.

Yosh: What?

Susan: Royketamean.

Yosh: I have to go to the pharmacy.

Susan: (to Luka) It's the best non-deprazing agent.

Luka: Maybe, but we don't stock it. The liver socks in her way. Push for dylantin. (Susan nods, depressed and moves out the way)

CUT TO: Scene-Elizabeth is operating, she's shocking a guy

Elizabeth: 360. Clear.

Nurse: Clear. still in de-fib.

Elizabeth: How long's his corderoy?

Nurse: Twenty minutes.

Elizabeth: 360 again. Give him an amp of amphetamine.

Nurse: I just did.

Romano: (coming in) Trying to raise the dead, Lizzie?

Elizabeth: (ignoring him) Clear.

Nurse: Clear.

Elizabeth: Septic hemogloptimy. Maxed out on dopamean and lebafed.

Nurse: Astolic.

Romano: A direct tube or more. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

Elizabeth: Ok that's it. I'll call the family.

Romano: Not that I'm keeping score but isn't this your third post-op death this week? (she glares) Congratulations, we call that a hatrick.

CUT TO: Scene-Susan and Luka are with the woman who was having seizures

Susan: A thousand of dylazen on board.

Luka: Get ready with the phenal barb. (Yosh comes in with a man)

Yosh: The husband.

Luka: Sir, does your wife have epilepsy? (man says a bunch of stuff in Spanish) Can we get a translator in here?

Susan: No, it's okay. (she and the man talk Spanish and he reaches into his pocket and brings out a medicine bottle, they talk some more) She's on an anti-TB med. Isaan Isaan. (they talk more, and Susan starts getting louder and points to the bottle)

Luka: What?

Susan: It's an overdose because the label is in English. It says 'take once a day' O-N-C-E in Spanish that means eleven. (spanish) once.

Luka: (looking at the bottle) She took eleven pills a day?

Susan: We need paradoxia at least six grams. It's the only way we're gonna stop this. Let's check the blood gas, she'll need an amp of five. (Yosh ushers the husband out, as they leave, he says something in Spanish and Susan answers)

Luka: What'd you say?

Susan: I said we'd help her.

CUT TO: Scene-An elderly patient is talking to Carter

Yetna: I feel very bad, I need water.

Carter: Well then, we'll start an IV for you.

Yetna: Oh nyah, how bout a drink of water?

Carter: No, nothing to drink. You have gallstones the size of golf balls.

Yetna: I have golf stones?

Carter: You have gallstones. Abby can you start a line? (other med-student pops his head out of a room)

Stanley: How do you start this thing?

Abby: What?

Stanley: The crash cart, he's crashing. (in the room)

Carter: What happened?

Stanley: It looks like V-tak.

Carter: Does he have a pulse?

Stanley: I don't think so.

Carter: Charge to 200. (he puts charging pads on the man) Stanley, have you ever shocked a patient before?

Stanley: No.

Carter: Ok, this one's all yours.

Stanley: No, that's ok.

Carter: I am right here.

Abby: Charged and ready.

Carter: I want you to apply firm pressure and before you press the buttons back off and say clear. (he shocks the man who's arm punches Carter in the groin)

Stanley: Clear.

Carter: Agh.

Abby: (runs over to Carter whose curled up in the fetal position) Did you get shocked? (to Stanley) You were supposed to say clear before not after.

Stanley: (excited) Neural signs are good. I got a pulse.

Abby: (re-Carter) Well, so does he, thank God. (to Carter) Were you touching the bed frame? EKG? (Stanley looks scared)

Carter: No, his arm went right there.

Abby: Ouch. Hold on, I'll get you an icepack.

Mr. Stegman: Feels like someone kicked me in the chest.

Abby: Well, consider yourself lucky Mr. Stegman.

CUT TO: Scene-Luka and Susan in Trauma 1

Luka: How long has she been seizing?

Susan: Almost an hour.

Yosh: Four grams of pardoxine on board.

Susan: She needs one gram per gram and she has to give another four.

Yosh: We don't have another four.

Luka: Go to the pharmacy.

Yosh: I can't.

Luka: Send another nurse.

Yosh: This is all we have in the whole hospital.

Susan: Okay, send couriers to Mercy, Northwestern, Parkside.

Luka: Parkside closed last year.

Susan: Every nearby hospital, we need all the paradoxia we can get.

Luka: De-fib. Starting compressions.

Susan: Charge to 300. (she shakes her head)

CUT TO: Scene-Peter and Romano are talking in surgery

Romano: (getting it straight) The daughter was driving.

Peter: Yeah, crushed him up against a brick wall.

Romano: I wonder why I don't have kids. Lizzie, whatcha got?

Elizabeth: Half burn conjecterum.

Romano: Yeah, well, make sure you clean under your fingernails, don't want another post-op infection. (it looks suspiciously like Elizabeth shows Romano a finger that she plans to clean)

Nurse: Dr. Benton, there's a Roger McGraff on the phone.

Romano: Dr. Benton's in surgery.

Peter: Take a message.

Nurse: He says it's important.

Peter: Alright, hold the phone.

Doctor: (from operating room) He's crashing. Get me four units of paxil.

Romano: Alright Peter, good news can wait, bad news will never go away.

CUT TO: Scene-Trauma 1

Susan: Pulse compressions.

Luka: Asisterly.

Susan: Start pacing at 1210.

Yosh: Couriers got paradoxia from Mercy, will be here in ten minutes.

Susan: Turn up again.

Luka: (shaking head) No catch.

Susan: Resume compressions. (they do)

Luka: How long has she been down?

Yosh: No cardio activity for thirty-five minutes.

Luka: (to Susan) You want to keep going?

Yosh: PH is 6.8.

Susan: We'll never get it back, I'm calling it, stop CPR. (he does) Put the husband in a quiet room, I'll be right there.

Luka: Good pick up. (spanish) Once. I would've missed the diagnosis.

Susan: Lot of good it did.

CUT TO: Commercial Break


Scene-Abby and Carter are talking

Abby: Feeling any better?

Carter: Yeah, the boys bounce back quick. (she grimaces, he stands up and groans) Oh, I think I might've tweaked it again.

Abby: You want one of the doctors to take a look at your back? Or your front? (he laughs and they hear hacking and coughing from behind a curtain)

Carter: Is that Yetna?

Abby: She's tossing her cookies. (they go in and Abby hands her a bucket)

Yetna: No cookies. Chicken, potato and ice cream. (Carter goes over then regrets it and walks away for air, meeting up with Stanley on the way)

Stanley: Oh, Doctor Carter, I'm really sorry.

Carter: It's not your fault.

Stanley: Should we order an x-ray?

Carter: No, it's just a spasm.

Stanley: It could be a somatic function at the miofunction dysfunction.

Carter: What?

Stanley: Well, I studied alternative medicine in Hong Kong. I could try a muscle energy technique.

Carter: You know, I think you've done enough for one day.

CUT TO: Scene-Peter and Romano are in surgery

Romano: Help me mobilize the liver.

Peter: Mobe and pick-ups.

Romano: I wanna get a good look at the IBC.

Roger: (appearing, through window) Peter! Where's Reese?

Peter: (looking up) What?

Roger: Reese isn't in the playroom!

Peter: You were supposed to pick him up at school.

Roger: I tried, he wasn't there.

Romano: Remove the facet horn.

Peter: Well, where is he?

Roger: I thought you had him here in daycare.

Peter: No.

Romano: Who let this guy in?

Peter: Carla's mother pick him up?

Roger: No.

Shirley: Stastolic's down to 90.

Romano: Forcibly lack pads, let's pack off the liver.

Peter: Alright. (to Roger) Check. her name's on the card at school.

Roger: Alright, I'll try it.

Romano: (angrily) Yeah good idea. You call Grandma, you call Grandpa, I'll roll this guy over so we can all kiss his ass goodbye.

CUT TO: Scene-Abby is getting Mr. Ashman to sign her clipboard

Abby: Sign here. (Susan walks by)

Susan: Corday finally see him?

Mr. Ashman: No, I drunk that Russian water.

Abby: Yetna's water?

Mr. Ashman: Yeah, I'm better now. (to Susan) No, thanks to you.

Abby: (handing him bucket) Take this, you're gonna need it later.

Susan: Have you seen the girl in Exam 1?

Abby: She took off.

Susan: What?

Abby: Said she'd be back at nine.

Susan: Why didn't anyone get me?

Abby: You were busy with the arrest.

Susan: She had an atopnic.

Abby: Well, you didn't tell me that.

Susan: Where's her chart?

Abby: It's here . . . (looking) somewhere.

Susan: Could you find it for me, please?

Abby: Okay. (Susan walks over to Frank)

Susan: Could you pull up Rosavi on the computer and print out a red sheet?

Frank: Sure. (Millicent Carter comes over with a man in a suit, presumably her driver)

Driver: Excuse me, we're here to see Dr. Carter, she fainted.

Gamma: I did not faint. I was dizzy. (Susan looks doubtful)

Susan: You'll need to see a triage nurse.

Gamma: Is that you?

Susan: Through those doors and to the right.

Gamma: (to her driver) I think we should go through those doors (points to exit doors) and right back to the car.

Driver: Please, John Carter.

Susan: Doctor carter's very busy.

Gamma: (seeing Carter) John! (waves)

Susan: Excuse me, if you want to see a doctor, you need to sign in at triage.

Carter: (coming over) Gamma, what are you doing here?

Driver: She fainted outside Marshall field.

Gamma: I did not.

Carter: Did you hit your head?

Gamma: No, I didn't faint.

Susan: (realizing she made a mistake) This is your grandma?

Carter: Uh, Gamma, this is Susan Lewis.

Gamma: Pleasure.

Susan: I'm terribly sorry ma'am.

Gamma: Well I guess you're only rude to strangers. (Susan tries to smile) John. (they move off)

CUT TO: Scene-Elizabeth’s wheeling off Mrs. Wilson after surgery

Elizabeth: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Wilson! You're surgery went very well.

Mrs. Wilson: (groggy) You finished?

Elizabeth: Yes, you're on your way to recovery.

Mrs. Wilson: Good. I need your address, I gotta send you a thank you note. (Elizabeth smiles)

Carmen Turino: (running up) Dr. Corday, Dr. Corday!

Elizabeth: Yes?

Carmen: Carmen Turino from infection control, you have a minute?

Elizabeth: What do you need?

Carmen: To speak to you in private.

Elizabeth: Ok, keep her fluids at 125 an hour, vitals Q15, CBC in 30. (they move off with the bed)

Carmen: You lost another patient today. From substace.

Elizabeth: Uh, yes, but he uh, was debilitated before surgery.

Carmen: I understand, however his death triggered a formal investigation by my department.

Elizabeth: Uh, excuse me?

Carmen: You need to be cultured.

Elizabeth: Cultured?

Carmen: In case your body's carrying a bacteria that's infecting your patients. Can you stop by the clinic in an hour?

Elizabeth: (shaking head) I'm afraid that's impossible I have a patient waiting for me downstairs.

Carmen: Your surgical privileges could be suspended if you don't cooperate.

Elizabeth: If you have concerns, talk to my chairman.

Carmen: I already have. Drs. Romano and Anspaugh have given us their full support. (Elizabeth looks shocked)

CUT TO: Scene-Mark and Susan are talking about Amal the pregnant girl

Mark: She sign an MEA?

Susan: No.

Mark: Call her back.

Susan: She thinks she'll be departed if her parents find out.

Mark: Tell her parents that she needs surgery for an ovarian cyst.

Susan: Falsify consent form? I'd rather keep them in the dark. She's pregnant they don't have to know anything.

Mark: Trust her to come back?

Susan: I think so . . . I hope so.

Frank: Dr. Greene, Dr. Corday's on 2.

Mark: (on phone) Home yet? (focus turns to Weaver and Susan)

Weaver: Susan, hi. I heard you lost one, the IHS overdose.

Susan: (nods) Yes.

Weaver: Yeah, those can be tough.

Mark: (on phone) How long's it going to take?

Weaver: (distracted by Mark) Um, anyway I've been meaning to talk to you about the nursing shortage.

Susan: Uh-huh.

Frank: That blood alcohol came back over 100.

Weaver: What?

Frank: The girl who hit her father, .092

Weaver: Is he still in surgery?

Frank: Want me to tell the cop?

Weaver: No, I will. (to Susan) Anyway, if you could pitch in a little it will make everyone happy.

Susan: The nurses are complaining?

Weaver: Yeah, I explained that you're used to better staffing, so, you know, they'll cut you some slack until you're up to speed. (she leaves)

Mark: (on phone) Okay, okay, no problem. (he hangs up and grabs Susan's arm) Can you cover my last hour?

Susan: (pretending to be outraged) Oh, my first day back and you're already dumping on me?

Mark: Elizabeth's stuck, I have to get home to the baby. (points to the board) LP results pending on exler and Norians getting a VQ.

Susan: Anything else?

Mark: (jokingly) Oh, yeah, can you pick up some milk and Huggies on the way home? (Susan laughs)

CUT TO: Scene-Peter and Romano in the OR

Nurse: BP's 120 over 80.

Romano: Excellent, break up the packing.

Roger: (yelling through the glass) Peter! Carla's mom's been out all day.

Peter: Try Jackie.

Roger: I've tried. I got Joanie.

Peter: Is she picking him up?

Roger: No. (Peter sighs, frustrated)

Romano: Agh, Richard, I've got to cave lens with more suction.

Peter: Call the police, now! (to Romano) I gotta go.

Shirley: Lost another two liters.

Romano: Thermal suck. Peter, do a theral before the guy bleeds out.

Peter: Charl another lazen.

Romano: Peperatial number eight sharp. (drills a drill)

Peter: I need to be relieved.

Romano: Peter, you take your hands off his liver, he's gonna die.

CUT TO: Scene-Carter tears off a machine readout

Carter: (sighs) UGKB looks good.

Gamma: I told you I'm fine, Alter means well but sometimes he's annoyingly condescending.

Carter: Gave him a scare.

Gamma: I was a little woozy getting out of the car.

Carter: We call that nearosinkopy.

Gamma: I call it skipping lunch.

Carter: You need to eat. (Gamma takes the heart monitoring things off her chest and waves Carter's hands away)

Gamma: I'll do it.

Carter: You been sleeping ok? (she ignores him) Are you, uh depressed?

Gamma: (re-Grandpa) I miss him, John.

Carter: Me too. Have you thought about therapy?

Gamma: I said I miss him, I'm not mentally unstable.

Carter: Sometimes it's good to talk about.

Gamma: What's to talk about? He's gone and I have things to do. If I leave now I can still make the Donors reception.

Carter: Whoa. We need to monitor your heart overnight.

Gamma: In here? I don't think so.

Carter: Well, let's just wait for your blood tests to come back.

Gamma: I've been waiting. I've already missed two appointments.

Carter: If everything checks out you'll be back on your feet tomorrow. (she lies back on the pillow)

Gamma: There are no tomorrows, John, this is it, your Grandfather and I used to think we had a lifetime of tomorrows.

CUT TO: Scene-Susan's on the phone

Susan: Hello, is Amal there?  . . . Oh, I'm sorry. . . . Uh, this is Susan, her friend from school. I just had a question about our, our Math homework. . . . Oh, ok, great. I'll call back after dinner, thanks, ok. (she hangs up)

Yosh: Dr. Lewis, Mr. Gadasko's still waiting.

Susan: Who?

Yosh: His wife died, the overdose.

Susan: Oh my . . . oh damit, I completely forgot. (the husbands sitting down, but he stands up when Susan runs around the corner, she starts speaking Spanish, they speak together and he shakes his head and turns away, dramatic music plays, he puts his head on the wall and hits his head against it)

Mr. Gadasko: No. No. No! No! No! No! (each time he says no, he hits his head, he turns to Susan and yells in Spanish and she tries to calm him down, she sits down with him and he puts his head down as before)

CUT TO: Scene-Carmen Turino has a swab in Elizabeth's nose, Elizabeth winces.

Carmen: Sorry, it has to be a nasal brenigal sample.

Elizabeth: Oh, ooh, sorry. Felt more like a brain biopsy.

Carmen: The intro bactro from your patients is a very resistant strength.

Elizabeth: I'm aware of that.

Carmen: You may be colonized. (Elizabeth closes her eyes at the thought of that) Open wide. (she sticks a flashlight in her mouth) Quick swab of the tonsils. (Elizabeth makes a gagging noise)

Elizabeth: God. (sighs) So, are we finished?

Carmen: Just need to do a pelvic.

Elizabeth: (laughs) You've got to be kidding. (Carmen hands her a gown)

Carmen: A surgical tech from Ohio was passing corda from her vaginal flora.

Elizabeth: Thank you for sharing that. (sarcastically) I'm nursing, do you want a sample of my milk, too?

Carmen: Absolutely. Then a caperla, then a stool sample, (hands her a jar) If you can't go now you can take it home and bring it back in the morning. (she sighs again and looks at the jar)

CUT TO: Scene-Peter storms out the operating room and down the corridor, the daughter (Tracey) runs up to him)

Tracey: How is he, is he okay?

Peter: We're still working on him.

Tracey: Well, why are you leaving? How much longer? (Peter walks over to the pay phone where Roger is talking)

Peter: I have another emergency, so just wait in the room, ok?

Roger: He wants us to come to the station and make a report.

Peter: (on phone) This is Dr. Benton at County General. Listen I need you to send a detective down here. . . . I don't care, my son is missing so get off your ass! Do your job! And send someone down here now!

CUT TO: Scene-Carter and Susan are discussing patients

Carter: The CTA?

Susan: Two minutes.

Carter: I'll flip you for the airway?

Susan: He's already intubated.

Weaver: (walking up) What are we getting?

Frank: Mercy sent us a GSW and we're out of beds.

Carter: (to Susan) Coming?

Susan: Yeah, I just need some bloods.

Weaver: Move Trauma 1 to Exam 1 and wait-whose chart is this?

Susan: Oh, that's mine.

Weaver: Code the charts at the time of discharge and then they can go to billing.

Susan: I'll go right now.

Weaver: Oh, and be sure the nurses know it's a-(looks up at Susan) did this patient leave the hospital?

Susan: I'm not sure.

Weaver: You're not sure? She's an ectopic.

Susan: (trying to leave) It's under control.

Weaver: What do you mean? She's not here.

Susan: It's complicated, I'm trying to protect her privacy. (the GSW comes through and Susan walks with them)

Weaver: You should be trying to protect her life.

Susan: She'll be back in two hours.

Weaver: (yelling after her) If she's still alive!

Carter: Multiple GSW's to the chest.

Cop: Gun was pulled from the scene.

Susan: (to Weaver) I gave her my word I wouldn't tell her parents.

Weaver: You put her life at risk so she didn't get into trouble.

Carter: Give four of O-Neg.

Susan: You have to trust me on this one. Prep for a Thoracotamy.

Weaver: (holding out her hand) Ok, give me the gown. Call your patient right now, you're being completely irresponsible.

Susan: If she's sick, they can bring her in.

Weaver: (closing doors on Susan) Not if she's dead.

CUT TO: Scene-Roger and Peter are calling around for Reese

Roger: You've got too many names on the list.

Peter: Everybody helps out.

Roger: How's the school supposed to keep track of ten people? Any stranger could say he's his uncle.

Peter: We've never had a problem before. You sure you were there on time?

Roger: Yes! (Peter runs through the doors after seeing Reese and Jackie, Roger runs after him)

Peter: Hey. What are you doing? Where were you?

Jackie: Hey. (Peter picks Reese up) What's going on?

Peter: You pick him up from school?

Jackie: Yeah. (Peter sighs) He was acting out, he hit a little girl, you were in surgery so they called me.

Peter: Yeah, well, you had us worried.

Jackie: I left a message on your voice mail.

Roger: It wasn't Peter's day to pick him up it was mine.

Jackie: You're still picking him up?

Roger: We have dinner every Tuesday and Thursday.

Jackie: He's had three fight at recess this week.

Peter: (signing to Reese) Hey. You fighting? (Reese signs back, Jackie smiles)

Jackie: Teacher wants to know if there are any problems at home. She thinks he might need a little more stability.

Roger: What are you trying to say?

Jackie: Just telling you what she said.

Roger: He wasn't getting into fights when he was living with us.

Peter: Well maybe he just needs to live in one home for a while.

Roger: Peter, he's my stepson. We got an agreement.

Jackie: (cocky and mean) Yeah, well, we need to think about what's best for Reese.

Roger: Well if he's acting out, maybe it's because he just lost his-

Peter: Hey, hey, hey. Look, we can talk about this late. I just need to call the police and get him home. Alright?

CUT TO: Scene-Medicine room Carter, Chuny and Weaver are working

Chuny: Dr. Weaver?

Weaver: Yeah.

Chuny: OR called, they don't think Mr. Pomaroy's going to make it.

Weaver: Ok, I'll go up, can you do the coroner’s forms?

Chuny: Yep.

Carter: Hey, Chuny. Can you tell my grandmother I'll be about five minutes?

Weaver: (yelling as she leaves) And make sure Dr. Lewis calls that ectopic girl. (Chuny and Weaver leave, Carter sighs)

Carter: Gamma! (sees her leaving) What are you doing?

Gamma: It's late John, I've been a good sport.

Carter: No, no, no. You cannot leave. Fainting can be a sign for heart attack or stroke.

Gamma: I'll take my chances.

Carter: Well, if you leave now you'll be signing out against my medical advice.

Gamma: I've already done that.

Carter: (walking outside) C'mon, there's still some more tests we could do.

Gamma: Agh, I'll see you at home John. Don't forget to turn out the porch light when you come in. (she gets in the car and Carter talks to the driver)

Carter: Check in on her in about an hour.

Alter: Yes, sir.

Gamma: (from car) I'd like a steak Alter, we cans stop in at Morgan’s. (she car backs away and reveals Susan sitting on a bench)

Susan: (re-Gamma) Sorry if I offended her.

Carter: Oh no. Don't worry about it. (he sits next to her) She never takes me seriously.

Susan: What do you expect? She changed your diapers.

Carter: That's true.

Susan: Any focal neurofindings? (he shakes his head) EKG changes?

Carter: No, I monitored her for three hours.

Susan: Yeah, she should be ok.

Carter: Weaver's looking for you. Did you call your ectopic girl?

Susan: I'm gonna give her till nine.

Carter: That's a bit of a risk.

Susan: Danger's my middle name.

Carter: The usual catastrophe.

Susan: It's been like an acid flashback without the good parts. I don't know what I was thinking when I said I'd come back.

Carter: You weren't. But at least you're among friends.

Susan: Yes. (they playfully hold hands, Abby comes up and just stand there they look back)

Abby: Excuse me, uh, pickman's got a woman in active labor.

Susan: Share time. (they get up and go to the ambulance where a woman's giving birth on a gurney)

Paramedic: Pheobe Fronkel, full term. She's crowning.

Carter: The time is right. (switch to her in a bed in the ER, screaming)

Pheobe: I need to push.

Susan: Go ahead. Push. (she does) Membranes ruptured, fluid looks clear.

Carter: How many other kids do you have?

Pheobe: Two.

Abby: Well, this one's coming fast. (water drips onto a switch and the bed starts going up) Take your foot off the pedal.

Susan: I'm not on the pedal.

Abby: Beds rising, your foot must be on the pedal.

Susan: I'm nowhere near it.

Carter: (looking under the bed) Must be a short.

Pheobe: What's happening.

Abby: Nothing, we're just having a little technical difficulties.

Carter: Oh man, when her waters broke it must have flooded the switch.

Abby: We have to get this baby out.

Susan: I can't deliver the baby like this. (the bed is above their heads)

Abby: Get Luka, he's tall.

Susan: Carter, take over. (she leaves)

Carter: What, uh, what, where are you going? What are you doing? (Susan walks up to the construction guy on a ladder and taps him on the leg)

Susan: Excuse me, get down, get down. (he does and she wheels it into the other room)

Carter: Ok, just blow, breathe with me. (she knocks the ladder into Carter)

Susan: Give me a hand.

Abby: Oh, you're kidding me.

Pheobe: What's going on?

Carter: (up on ladder) Just setting up some equipment.

Abby: Needle heart rates 140.

Pheobe: Don't drop my baby.

Susan: Don't worry, Dr. Carter used to be in the circus.

Abby: Yeah, as a clown, right?

Carter: Human cannonball, till I got fired. (Abby smiles)

Susan: Okay, give a big push. Push! Head's out relax.

Carter: Tight around the neck.

Abby: You want to induce it?

Susan: I don't think so, how bout a clamp?

Carter: Toss it. (holds up his hand and catches it)

Abby: Second clamp. (throws it to Carter)

Susan: Scissors. (Abby goes to throw them but decides to just pass them)

Pheobe: Is it a boy or a girl?

Susan: One more push and we're about to find out. (she does and the baby cries) A boy.

Pheobe: Is he okay?

Susan: Oh, he's beautiful.

Pheobe: Can I see him?

Susan: Yeah, soon as we strap on a parachute. (they hold him up so she can see him)

Carter: Hi mom. (they all laugh and smile)

CUT TO: Scene-Weavers telling Tracey that her dad is most probably dead, she's crying

Tracey: Oh, oh. (she runs out) I need to see him, I need to see him. (the cop grabs her)

Cop: Ms. Pomaroy

Tracey: What?

Cop: You're gonna have to leave now.

Tracey: What? What do you mean? What are you talking about? (she tries to run away, Weaver comes in and tries to talk to the cop)

Cop: I'm placing you under arrest.

Tracey: My father!

Weaver: Calm down. Is this really necessary?

Tracey: We only had a couple of glasses of wine, we only had a couple glasses of wine.

Weaver: Just let her say goodbye.

Tracey: Where is he, where did you put him?

Weaver: Just let her say goodbye.

Cop: Where is he?

Weaver: This way. (she leads Tracey and they look through the glass into a room where the father is)

Tracey: Oh God, I'm sorry, sorry. (cries lots)

CUT TO: Scene-Mark and Elizabeth’s

Mark: Got Ella's diaper culture.

Elizabeth: Oh, you didn't need to do that. (he puts it in the fridge) Hey, not with the food.

Mark: I tripled bagged them. Is that your phone ringing?

Elizabeth: Nope. She still hasn't called.

Mark: Not yet.

Elizabeth: The party was over at eight.

Mark: I know.

Elizabeth: So call her.

Mark: I don't have the phone number.

Elizabeth: Look it up.

Mark: I didn't get Claire's last name.

Elizabeth: Mark, if your daughters at a party you need to know these things.

Mark: Well, I talked to the parents I thought everything was ok.

Elizabeth: We don't even know where she is.

Rachel: (appearing) I told you about the party.

Mark: Do you know what time it is?

Rachel: It's only 10: 15.

Mark: You were supposed to call me two hours ago.

Rachel: I'm sorry.

Mark: How'd you get home?

Rachel: Andrew.

Elizabeth: I think I'll go check on the little one. (she leaves)

Rachel: All they had were hotdogs and burgers so some of us went out to eat.

Mark: Uh huh, some of us? Or you and Andrew?

Rachel: Dad!

Mark: I need to know these things.

Rachel: That sounds like something mom would say. (he turns away, exasperated) I wasn't drinking, I'm not doing drugs, I'm just making some new friends ok?

Mark: All you had to do was call.

Rachel: I tried, the payphone was broken. If you don't believe me, call the restaurant.

Mark: Don't ever let this happen again, ok?

Rachel: Ok. (thinks for a moment) You know, if I had a cell phone we could keep in touch.

Mark: (non believing) Yeah, right.

Rachel: Seriously, just for emergencies.

Mark: We'll see.

Rachel: Thanks. (she kisses him and leaves)

CUT TO: Scene-Pheobe is carrying her baby and they're wheeling her into the elevator.

Pheobe: You guys do good work.

Susan: So do you.

Pheobe: I'll call you when it's time to build his tree house. (Susan laughs and Pheobe goes into the elevator and Amal comes out the other.

Susan: Amal!

Amal: Dr. Lewis, I'm so sorry I'm late, it was really hard to sneak out.

Susan: I am so glad you came back.

Amal: I told the nurse I'd be back at nine.

Susan: Well people say a lot of things.

Amal: You said it was important.

Susan: M'hm. Abby, can you find us a room?

Abby: Yeah. (to Amal, relieved) Good to see you.

Susan: (looking through the charts) Uh, where's her chart?

Abby: Weaver's got it.

Susan: Amal's chart?

Abby: Yeah.

Susan: Why?

Abby: I don't know.

Susan: Where is she?

Abby: I don't know.

Frank: (walking by) She's on a call in the lounge.

Susan: Oh damn it! (she barges into the lounge) Kerry.

Weaver: Yeah I work at the ER.

Susan: Get off the phone, she's here, you don't have to call. (Susan hangs up the phone)

Weaver: Susan.

Susan: I told you she'd be back.

Weaver: Who?

Susan: Amal, the ectopic.

Weaver: I didn't call her.

Susan: Oh. (she hangs her head, grabs Amal’s chart and leaves, Weaver redials)

Weaver: Hello, hi, I'm sorry, we got disconnected. No, actually I got your number from an investigator that specializes in finding birth parents . . . Did you give up a daughter for adoption? . . . I understand . . . No, I'm sorry I thought this was from a reliable source. No, I will not bother you again. Goodnight (hangs up, looking sad)


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